About Lightcode Crystals


Welcome to Lightcode Crystals - online since 2012 (formerly Earthlights Crystals).  My crystal shop has expanded to support those called to sharing their light in the world by offering both crystal energies plus my spiritual and healing practices. This is a place of light, resources and knowledge for lightworkers and starseeds.

Its my joy to bring you ethically sourced healing crystals to support the earth with respect and minimal impact. Plus help you to up-level with the purest crystalline energy.

About Lightcode Crystals

As a crystal whisperer and light code activator, it is my honour and joy to spend time with these crystal entities to ready them for you. To help them back or activate them to their natural energy and healing signatures before heading out on their healing mission. They are in this now moment supporting those called to raise the collective consciousness and being of service.

They are more than just beautiful decor or tools for healing - they are living entities! Constantly evolving and adapting, albeit on a different time scale than our own, but organic in nature even if we aren't yet attuned to it.

As an earth aware being since childhood, I have strived to be sustainable and aware in my practices. This includes ethically sourced crystals, gems and materials + using recycled materials in packaging whenever I can.

It is my hope that you will find this a place of refuge. To learn, recharge and spark your inner joy! And if you are so called, to bring in to your life new energy as a crystal ally, light code activation, energetic healing or art.

Thank you for being here at this time. For shining your light, for healing yourself and there for all of those who affected by your energy field and for simply being you.

My gratitude and love,

Crystal Whisperer and Light Code Activator

If you have any questions or requests for articles or videos, feel free to contact me.


About Tanya Kucey, DCH

Hello, I'm Tanya! Crystal Whisperer & Light Code Activator
I've been able to connect with Elementals, Spirit, Angelics, higher resonance frequencies and galactic beings as long as I can remember.

Since 2012 or so, my abilities became more streamlined and now my focus is to support lightworkers and starseeds just like you. As you begin to awaken and need some support, love and guidance from you Spirit, Galactic and soul family.

I have a lifelong love of learning!
In additional to spiritual work and intuitive guidance, I've worked with many disciplines including: an energetic and distance healer, confidence coach for highly sensitive people and as a certified Homeopathic Practitioner DCH.  I have had an ethically sourced crystal shop on line since 2012. One shop here and one on etsy.  Ive also worked as a professional educator, artist, designer and in the vet biz as a VOA then with my own animal care business.

Whether you are a spiritual seeker beginning your journey or a starseed, lightworker practitioner or reader yourself, I think you will find plenty to explore here.

If you're interested you can Work With Me, explore the shop or read the blog

Need more info? Ready to book a session?  Send me a message and lets get you the love and support you need!als, stones, minerals and art channelled through them and myself in vibrational alignment with lightworkers, healers, way showers, change makers and starseeds.

Starbrary Quartz, starseed high vibrational crystals and mini crystal grid sets for lightworkers, healers and starseeds. rare crystals, specimen quality minerals.