Crystal grid set for calm energy

Calm Energy mini crystal grid set 40.00

Find emotional balance with the Calm mini crystal grid set.

Calm crystal grid set for relieving tension, anxiety and bringing about a sense of emotional balance. Featuring a green fluorite octahedron crystal focal stone with pink tourmaline, deep purple sugilite,  topaz and clear quartz tumbles.

These crystals were chosen to work in vibrational affinity with each other to bring a balance to your energy and help you enjoy some relaxation time. You can read more about their metaphysical meetings at the bottom of this listing. Includes a green fluorite octahedron which is a great crystal for soothing and healing energies. Plus many fluorite crystal specimens are fluorescent under ultraviolet light !

• 1 minty green fluorite octahedron
• 1 raw topaz
• 2 raw pink morganite
• 4 deep purple Suglite
• 8 tiny tumbled citrine
• crystal clear quartz tumbles

A great collection of small sized crystals chosen to work in combinations or on their own with crystal grid sheets, cloths or small crystal grid boards. Or make your own crystal grid patterns anywhere like next to your bed, as a feature display on an altar or in your healing space.

You can purchase the crystals alone or choose the Crystal Set option which includes an 8.5″ x 11″ (slightly larger than A4) laminated crystal grid sheet in the Seed of Life sacred geometry Wood Style pattern as shown in the photos.


Choose crystals only or a full set. Both come with an eco-conscious, ribbon wrapped kraft jewelry box for storage and safekeeping.

  • Crystals Only $20.20
  • Full set $26.26
    includes crystals, laminated crystal grid sheet, a crystal meanings card

*NOTE – that these are SMALL sized crystals and stones chosen specifically to use with crystal grid sheets, cloths or small crystal grid boards. Please see the photo with ruler showing inches and centimeters.

As natural crystals, no two are alike. Your set will include the same types of crystals and stones shown but may vary slightly in appearance. Please expect indentations, chips and not always smooth surfaces that make up their natural beauty!

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Metaphysical Properties

Known for alignment with success, abundance and manifestation abilities, Citrine is also one of the most valuable healing stones. It can help with the focus and intent of sacral and solar plexus chakra energy. It is also good for clearing negative energies from the auric field and any environment its placed in. Fire element. Sacral/Solar Plexus

Archangel Elemiah. Aries/Gemini/Leo/Libra. Vibrational number 6


Known as the stone of the mind, crystal quartz can enhance and focus the vibrational qualities of others stones and metals around it. It can also do the same for energy and thought and is used frequently for purification and the amplification of intention. Clearing, cleansing and healing are also common uses.

Storm element. All chakras. All Angels. All astrological signs. Vibrational number 4


Brings a sense of calm and stability and helps ease the mind and balance the emotions.. One of the gentle healing crystals and in alignment with the green ray, Archangel Raphael and healing from the heart centre.

Fluorite is a great crystal to connect with angels and does so much for healing on many levels. Also helpful for those of us who feel an affinity to being sensitive, empathic or starseeds who need some clearing of any accumulated negative energies.

Many fluorite crystal specimens are fluorescent under ultraviolet light!


Can encourage a more cheerful frame of mind and help you to rise above feelings of misery and sorrow. Use for stress release and to calm the emotions and nerves. Spiritual and emotional healer with lovely gentle, feminine energy.


A crystal of divine love, a protection stone and helps healers and lightworkers keep their vibration high. Use it to reduce stress, get in touch with the love energies around you and enhance your spiritual growth.


Aligned with the energy of truth and clarity and can help dispel negativity. It helps relive restlessness and sad feelings with opening the heart space bringing joy, love and happiness.


~ important info~

Crystals, grids and healing jewelry and their metaphysical attributes are for entertainment purposes only. Any information in this listing is subject to your personal interpretation and should not be a substitute for medical, mental health, financial or business advice. Purchase and use of any item from the Lightcode Crystals shop is the sole responsible of the customer.

And now that the legalese is out of the way, go have fun with your crystals!

{Proud to be an earth supporting, environmentally aware shop! 100% recycled materials are used wherever possible.}

includes tracked shipping in USA / CANADA



Mini crystal sets ready for gifting in ribbon wrapped box. Tiny sized specifically created for small grids, travelling or creating a wonderful space to manifest goals and wishes. A great collection of small and hard to source tiny sized crystals chosen to work in combinations or on their own.

Make crystal grid patterns anywhere like next to your bed, as a feature display on an altar or in your healing space.

Each set is full of vibrant energy and in alignment with specific purspose. From working on your healing journey back from addictions, for self love, attracting abundance and prosperity on all levels or for calming the mind, emotions or physical body.

Creating Crystal grids can take the edge off by helping you to relax, get into a meditative state and enjoy a stress free moment.

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