Release Addiction crystal grid set

crystal grid set to release addiction 30.00

Mini crystal grid set to release the energy of addiction

Mini crystal grid set to release the energy of addiction

Mini crystal grid set to aid you as you release the energy of addition. To stop smoking, overeating and other physical manifestations of being out of balance.

This set was created to support you in your healing journey as a divine feminine being. These crystals together create a harmonic energy in alignment with your higher self and the work that you are doing to shift into a state of being where you are in balance, at peace and without the need for addiction, smoking, overeating or any of the other physical manifestations of being in dis-comfort and dis-ease.

Crystals alone do not do the work. They are an adjunct, an ally to assist you on a path to recovery and making transformative change that you have already started.

They hold the vibration of the person that you wish to be and who you are working towards being. That is what makes them wonderful in assisting you on your journey.

You can make them part of your daily ritual and he’s in practice. To spend some time relaxing, creating different crystal shapes or holding the crystals and enjoying their colour or texture and patterns.

The simple art of creating crystal grids is very meditative and helps to relax the system and give you the time and space to breathe, focus on your goals or set new ones.

4 flashy rainbow moonstones
2 Pink Kunzite crystals
1 Golden Rutile
1 Optical Calcite diamond
1 tumbled Hematite
4 micro clear quartz crystal points
4 micro clear quartz crystal tumbles


A great collection of small sized crystals chosen to work in combinations or on their own with crystal grid sheets, cloths or small crystal grid boards. Or make your own crystal grid patterns anywhere like next to your bed, as a feature display on an altar or in your healing space.

You can purchase the crystals alone or choose the Crystal Set option which includes an 8.5″ x 11″ (slightly larger than A4) laminated crystal grid sheet in the Seed of Life sacred geometry Wood Style pattern as shown in the photos.


Choose crystals only or a full set. Both come with an eco-conscious, ribbon wrapped kraft jewelry box for storage and safekeeping.

  • Crystals Only $30.00
  • Full set $40.00
    includes crystals, laminated crystal grid sheet, a crystal meanings card

*NOTE – that these are SMALL sized crystals and stones chosen specifically to use with crystal grid sheets, cloths or small crystal grid boards. Please see the photo with ruler showing inches and centimeters.

As natural crystals, no two are alike. Your set will include the same types of crystals and stones shown but may vary slightly in appearance. Please expect indentations, chips and not always smooth surfaces that make up their natural beauty!

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Clear Crystal Quartz
Known as the stone of the mind, crystal quartz can enhance and focus the vibrational qualities of others stones and metals around it. It can also do the same for energy and thought and is used frequently for purification and the amplification of intention.

Golden Rutile Quartz
Use of the focal Stone to enhance and solidify the focus of your crystal grid specific to working through issues of addiction, self harm, overeating, stopping smoking or any other manifestation of discomfort within your being. The ultimate manifestation Stone.

Known primarily as a grounding stone, hematite also assists you in forward momentum through self esteem and confidence.

Optical Calcite
Helps you to see clearly. Offers emotional calm and also helps focus mental energy.

Pink Kunzite
Soothes irritation. helps with issues of heart – self-love and self-respect.

Rainbow Moonstone
Assisting in a peaceful state of accepting where you are on your journey and understanding that it is okay. Assisting with a vibration of support in chronic conditions and those of self-harm. Peaceful sleep.




~ important info~

Crystals, grids and healing jewelry and their metaphysical attributes are for entertainment purposes only. Any information in this listing is subject to your personal interpretation and should not be a substitute for medical, mental health, financial or business advice. Purchase and use of any item from the Lightcode Crystals shop is the sole responsible of the customer.

And now that the legalese is out of the way, go have fun with your crystals!

{Proud to be an earth supporting, environmentally aware shop! 100% recycled materials are used wherever possible.}

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