Lapis Lazuli crystals for lightworkers

Lapis Lazuli $8+

Known as the stone of royalty and manifestation, Lapis a stone of power can aid meditation and protect from negative psychic energy.

Highest quality Lapis Lazuli with saturated colors from Afghanistan.

Lapis is one of the most popular healing crystals and it’s easy to see why with its deep cobalt blue color
Its affinity for self-expression and communication via voice, make to very useful as it supports the throat chakra and helps to balance and align your energy in that area. If you find it difficult to speak, it can help you relax and open up. And conversely if you are someone who uses your voice a great deal, it can help to keep you centered and not overdo it.

Lapis is associated with the Archangel Zadkiel, number 3, the birth sign Sagittarius and throat chakra.

Meditate with Lapis to connect with Archangel Zadkiel for help with healing, focus and forgiveness.
Beautifully tumbled with a glossy sheen and high energy.

LAPIS Crystal Meaning
The stone of royalty also known as a manifestation stone. A stone of power which aids meditation and can protect from negative psychic energy.
It calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety and insomnia. It also aids with speech and hearing difficulties.

small 5 -15 Grams  $8.00
large 15-22 Grams  $15.00

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