Pleiadian Starbrary quartz crystal cluster

Pleiadian Starbrary quartz crystal cluster $44.44

Starbrary quartz crystal cluster with Pleiadian starseed energy.

miniature landscapes of a past or far off Galactic Civilization

I love all the formations on this little Starbrary quartz crystal cluster! Its energies vibrating with Pleiadian starseed energy and full of miniature landscapes of a past or far off Galactic Civilization. There are elestial and cathedral formations and every angle has a new outlook and features galore with high vibrational energy.

The elestial formations on both ends make it a very unique and rare piece. It has a high frequency energy to it almost like singing and regardless of how I turned it in the light, I could not get a bad photograph of it.

Characteristic Pleiadian type starseed etchings and glyphs, Cathedral quartz formation on one end, double-terminated, beautiful banding and natural growth lines plus keyholes and incredible galactic family landscapes.

Freestanding in different positions make it a wonderful crystal for display, on your altar space or for working with in your healing practice.


A one-of-a-kind Crystal covered in amazing banded growth lines glyphs and etchings, some elestial growth formation which looks like miniature landscapes of a past or far off Galactic Civilization. It has a very specific encoded message for those who are attuned to it.

In this case it is for you, the Pleiadian. As a Pleiadian starseed, you are a warrior of light on so many levels. Here to heal yourself, your ancestral lineage, and those around you simply by allowing yourself to be in every now moment.

Every step breathing through the experience you are having. Allowing yourself to feel it fully, anchoring and transmuting the energies around you. And in doing so you are lifting up the world, her animals, plants and peoples.

This raw quartz crystal cluster features a primary point flanked by an incredible ET elestial base and some crystals along 1 side. Some of them are double terminated which enhances the energy of this crystalline family.

Like all crystal clusters, they are a reminder that you are not alone. That you are part of one, the Unity Consciousness. That there are always beings of light around you to help you in your journey.

Filled with vibrant, strong pulsating energy, this crystal cluster is quite magnificent.

It has a very specific and unusual energy and is looking to be paired with the Beautiful Soul meant to be working with it in this fluid time.

If this is you, you will know it and feel it.


Measures close to 3 by 1.25 inches

* please see photo with ruler in inches and centimetres before purchase so that you are happy with the size *

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