Pleiadian Starseed Art original watercolor

Pleiadian light code activation painting 77.77

Pleiadian starseed art original watercolor painting

Channeled Pleiadian Light Code Activation art for Starseeds and those drawn to or holding higher frequencies. Featuring pretty pastel colours accented with shimmering metallic accents.

Holding and activating vibrational frequencies aligned with Pleiadian Starseeds. Yet is also attractive and beneficial to all spiritual seekers. You do not need to identify as Pleiadian to enjoy its activation of heart opening creative energy!

Like all light code activation art, the paintings can be displayed in any orientation


ORIGINAL watercolor painting.

5 in by 7 inches
12.7 x 17.78 cm

Created with professional grade watercolor and watercolor ink for long life and resistance to fading.
140 lb 100% Cotton Paper

This is a one of a kind original painting sent with tracked postage.

Note that you are purchasing the original art and not the right to reproduce it in print or digital format. Contact me if you are wanting to purchase usage rights. 🙏💜🌈💎

includes first class tracked shipping


please contact me for a custom shipping quote which may be lower than the estimated shipping on the website

*please note that props including crystals, frames, brushes, paints, plants etc are not included with the listing*

Star seeds may include but are not limited to Andromedan, Agarthan/Hadrian, Antarian, Arcturian, Blue Avian, Cassiopeian, Draconian, Lyran, Orion, Pleiadian, Sirian, Venusian and those who identify with Beta Centauri, Leo and Ursa Minor star systems…and many more!

Starseed art starseed painting with light codes Pleiadian starseed art watercolor painting metallic paint lightworker light languagePleiadian Starseed Art original watercolor

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